Marco Tripolini

Project manager, system & mobile integration consultant, mobile developer & consultant, J2EE developer & consultant

To offer a complete, professional top level integration services, a solution consultant must be able to recommend the right operating system for mobile devices. Depending on a customer's needs, a solution provider should be able to provide a mobile OS comparison and guide the customer toward the right mobile operating system, and server/deskop operating systems, applications and solutions.




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Phone : +39 320 6156477

Address : via F. Maggi 6, Pavia, Italy


Mobile skills

Excellent skills in developing mobile solutions with the Android (4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 Lollipop versions) and IOS (6,7,8 versions) using Objective C and Swift languages.

Good skills in developing mobile solutions with Apache Cordova / Adobe PhoneGap.

Good skills in developing mobile solutions using Titanium Appcelerator.

Java skills

Excellent skills in Java laungage, using Eclipse, NetBeans and IDEA ides.

Java/J2EE: very good skills using many enterprise tecnologies: JSP/Servlet, EJB, jMail, JMS, JTA, SAAJ, JAX-RPC, JAXB.

Very good skills using the servlet container Apache Tomcat and JBOSS application server.

Excellent skills in Hibernate, Spring and Struts/Struts 2 frameworks.

Database skills

Excellent skills in Oracle database 12i, 11i and 10g, as database administrator and database designer/developer.

Very good skill in developing and managing data warehouse's with oracle technology

Very good skills using MongoDB, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.